Portable Training Devices for Climbing

Whether you are moving around the country living out of a van or are consistently on the move for business, consistent travel presents some serious challenges for climbers who are still looking to follow a systematic training program.  The main crux being that when you are on the move you aren’t guaranteed access to training facilities.  However, there are a growing number of portable training devices out there that are both relatively easy to transport and can be used for effective climbing training almost anywhere.

“If we take time out from training, we lose vital momentum and progression and risk undoing all our hard work. Maintenance on the road, though, is a simple case of being organized and motivated.”

“The main considerations are where you will be training and how much space you have in your luggage.” – Neil Gresham

To help you find the portable training option that works best for you, here’s an article from Rock and Ice by coach and trainer Neil Gresham in which he describes a number of portable training devices and then outlines both a strength and strength endurance workout to help you stay fit anywhere.

Portable Training Devices Described:

Gresham describes a series of portable training devices that range in size and ease of transportability to give you options whether you have a car trunk to load up or are restricted to two pieces of carry-on luggage.  The devices described are:

  • Pull-up bars
  • Portable hangboards
  • Remedial Devices: stretch bands, forearm extensor trainers, and massage balls
  • Suspension systems
  • Rock rings and pinch balls
  • Grip exercises

As Gresham is careful to point out, not all of these devices are as effective as some others (i.e. a pull-up can’t train your fingers like a hangboard can).  However, using any of them is definitely better than doing nothing.  After all, these are ideas to help you stay consistent with your training while you are on the move.  In a perfect world, you would simply always be able to walk into a fully equipped climbing gym.

Portable Training Workout:

Beyond outlining some options for training devices you can bring with you, Gresham gives you two complete workouts (strength and strength endurance) that can easily be done with limited facilities when traveling.  Both workouts require a training apparatus that allows for finger training dead hangs (i.e. a hangboard, rock rings, or pinch balls) and, while they certainly won’t be as fun as a bouldering session, they will definitely produce results.

Click through below to check out both workouts in their entirety and read more about what portable training option will work best for you.

Full Article: Portable Training Devices for Climbing

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(photo courtesy of rockandice.com)

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