If you follow the TrainingBeta Podcast, then you are no doubt familiar with physical therapist Esther Smith.  She is an incredibility talented physical therapist who works primarily with climbers and is a 5.13 climber herself.  Obviously, for climbers, with our unique set of injuries and desire to keep climbing no matter what, Esther’s experience with the sport is a huge advantage.

Unfortunately for most of us, Esther’s practice, Grassroots Physical Therapy, is based in Salt Lake City so unless you are willing to travel for an appointment you aren’t going to be able to see Esther is person.

Luckily though, Esther and Eva Kauffman (Master Pilates Instructor) have another business called Grassroots Self Treatment which is designed to give you the knowledge and tools to rehab any injuries and work on staying healthy from the comfort of your own home.  While you may not be seeing Esther one-on-one, Grassroots Self Treatment has both free and more in-depth videos for purchase that cover most of the common climbing overuse conditions (i.e. golfer’s and tennis elbow, shoulder issues, and hand and wrist issues).

Whether you are currently suffering from a climbing related injury or are just trying to get ahead of the curve with injury prevention, Grassroots Self Treatment is a great resource that is a whole lot more affordable than sessions of PT and bodywork.

New Grassroots Self Treatment Videos:

While there are lots of videos that can help you with injury prevention and rehab at Grassroots Self Treatment, Esther just released four new videos we wanted to highlight.  They are:

As with all of Esther’s videos, they are full of practical information that will help you be your own body mechanic.  You can find the rest of Esther’s videos and products by clicking through below.

More From Esther:

If you are in the Salt Lake City area and are looking to work with Esther in person, you can book an appointment through the Grassroots Physical Therapy Website.  However, for those who aren’t in the area, here are some links to some of Esther’s articles, videos, and podcasts:

Hopefully, all of these resources help you keep climbing injury free.  Just remember, while injury prevention work may not be the most exciting part of climbing or training, it is way better to be proactive and prevent injuries before they occur.

Full Website: Grassroots Self Treatment

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(photo courtesy of selftreatment.com)

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