FrictionLabs Features Dan Mirsky: Fundamentals of Training for Climbing

Here’s an article from the FrictionLabs blog by climber, coach, and friend of TrainingBeta Dan Mirsky, in which he outlines the areas he feels any successful climbing training program should center upon.

As climbers, we are always looking for an edge to help us increase our performance and send our dream climbs. This is why we train, watch our diets, and obsess over our skin and conditions. While this is all great and definitely a huge part of climbing at our limit, it is important to remember the fundamentals of training for climbing and not get lost in the minutia of exactly what training program is the best.

“As an athlete and a coach, I believe that an organized, effective, and efficient training plan is the best way to improve your climbing strengths, target your weaknesses, and help you get to the next level. That said, deciding which training plan is right for you can be a daunting endeavor. What I have done here is set forth what I feel are the foundations for any successful climbing training plan. Whether you’re designing your own plan, trying out a pre-made plan, or working with a climbing coach, if your training is focused primarily on these areas, you are on the right track.” – Dan Mirsky

Check out the full article by clicking through below and if you are interested in working with Dan check out The Front Training Room!

Full Article from FrictionLabs: Dan Mirsky – Fundamentals of Training for Climbing


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(photo courtesy of Matt Pincus | @mpincus87)

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