Conquer the Crux – 5 Steps to Establishing a Home Yoga Practice

The benefits of yoga for athletic performance are well established. However, with your time and money already at a premium, committing to consistently going to yoga classes can feel completely unrealistic.  Luckily, you can enjoy all the athletic benefits of yoga from the comfort of our own homes without ever going to a yoga class.

However, as with starting anything new, committing to a home yoga practice can feel intimidating. To help, here’s an article by Cristina Lizarazo of Conquer the Crux. In it, she outlines 5 steps that will help you establish your own home yoga practice.

“A home practice is convenient, very cost effective, and can save you an enormous amount of time. There’s no need to worry about breaking the bank to maintain a consistent practice and no panicking around making it to class on time. It’s all in the comfort of your own home, on your own time, at your own pace. All you need is to hold yourself accountable, or find someone who will hold you accountable.” – Cristina Lizarazo

5 Steps to Establishing a Home Yoga Practice

Here are the 5 steps Lizarazo recommends taking to establish a consistent home yoga practice. They are all ways to make it easier for you to be more consistent and do yoga more often:

  1. Create your schedule
  2. Define your space
  3. Rethink your expectations
  4. Understand your goals
  5. Find your yoga

Click through below to read about all these steps in greater details. While Lizarazo is talking specifically about yoga, you can tweak and apply these steps to help create all kinds of new positive habits and practices – you know like hangboarding…

Full Article: Conquer the Crux – 5 Steps to Establishing a Home Yoga Practice


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