Uphill Athlete: Rock Climbing Skill Drills

Earlier this week, we posted an article by Steve House from Rock and Ice Magazine where he argued that we should differentiate between strength and climbing skill sessions. House’s argument here is that because climbing is a skill sport we need to have dedicated sessions where the goal is practicing improving our climbing ability. These sessions aren’t about training to get stronger. Instead, they focus on targeting specific areas of technical weakness.

To continue exploring this discussion of climbing skill sessions, here’s an article from Steve House’s website Uphill Athlete. In it, House outlines some of his favorite technique drills.

“When doing ARC training or accumulating pitches during a climbing marathon session, it can be easy to lose your concentration and let your form slide downhill. Here are some drills than can be used to give you something to work on while you log the vertical.” – Steve House

Rock Climbing Skill Drills

As House states in the above quote, climbing skill breaks down with fatigue. For skill practice to be effective, it needs to be approached deliberately. Having a specific singular focus for each attempt is a great place to start. Here are the drills House describes in his article:

  • Blink Drill
  • Precise Feet
  • Toe Hard
  • Rest Practice
  • Glue Foot
  • Max Weight on Feet
  • Finding Calm
  • Momentum Climbing

These drills are a great place to start and will help you be more deliberate in your skill practice. Just remember, drills and technique sessions aren’t just about punching the clock. You’ll get out of them what you put into them. The more you can be honestly critical of your movement and deliberate in trying to practice and learn new skills, the more benefit you see in your climbing. Click through below to read all about House’s drills for yourself!

Full Article: Uphill Athlete – Rock Climbing Skill Drills


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