On Monday, I published my podcast interview with Sam Elias. Today I want to tell you how you can train like Sam did in order to go on a sending spree – just like he did.

During the Black Diamond Training Bootcamp last year (3 3-week training sessions), he was trained by Kris Peters and Justen Sjong, who kicked his ass in the gym for many hours several times a week.

Sam wrote an article about his experience with the bootcamp on the BD blog, and they made this video about it featuring Sam.

In our podcast interview, Sam talks in depth about his training and his emotional struggles, and how he’s overcoming them and climbing better than ever.

He credits the sports psychologist and all the physical training he did with Kris for his epic sending spree after the bootcamp.

His Sending Spree

Sam went from having sent just one 5.14c in 2010 to sending three 14c’s in a season and one-hanging a 14d. He also did his long-time project Lungfish (14b), plus Humunculous (14a), and Tweak (13d) in a matter of just days each.

His Training

In the video above, you can see a bunch of the exercises Kris had them doing, and the intensity with which they did them.

None of those guys had ever had that kind of direction from a trainer before, and all of them enjoyed immense success after they trained with Kris.

(Here’s my interview with Joe Kinder where he talks about his success after the bootcamp).

Do you want to train like Sam did?

With intensity and direction? That’s exactly what Kris offers in our Bouldering Training Program and our Route Climbing Training Program at TrainingBeta. While he won’t actually be there with you while you’re doing the workouts, the plans are well-laid out, easy to use, and effective.

All you’ll need to do is go to the gym and follow his instructions.

What You Can Expect

Both of the monthly subscription programs give you 3 unique workouts every week, where you’ll spend 2 to 2.5 hours at the gym doing bouldering or route drills and then some time doing strength exercises (fingers, shoulders, core, etc) and general fitness.

You’ll be taken through 5-week cycles of strength training, power training, power endurance, and performance training with one week of active rest between each cycle. You’ll maintain what you’ve gained in each cycle by peppering in some power, strength, and power endurance during each cycle. For instance, if you’re in a power endurance cycle, you’ll still do some days of strength and power so you can stay strong in all areas.

–>> Start training today

This is how Sam achieved his incredible sending spree after the training bootcamp. He followed Kris’s direction, trusted him with his climbing, and reaped the benefits. Sometimes that’s all we need: an expert to show us the way.

If you’re ready to start taking training seriously and get on a program for the next 5 weeks, email us at info@trainingbeta.com or sign up here.


Top Photo Credit: Screen grab from BD Video above

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