A few weeks ago our good friend and pro-climber, Jonathan Siegrist (Jstar), became the eighth person to ever send Biographie/Realization, the world’s first 9a+, in Céüse, France.

This video from EpicTV.com gives a little insight into the story behind Siegrist’s send. It shows a glimpse of his lifestyle as a nomad (including his knowledge about hard boiled eggs) and how he stayed mentally and physically poised to takedown this route knowing that success was not certain.

This video proves that perseverance and hard work are worth it….

WATCH IT ABOVE or CLICK HERE: The Story Behind Jonathan Siegrist’s Send of Biographie/Realization 

rock prodigy training center hangboard Jstar trained with Mike and Mark Anderson (author’s of the Rock Climber’s Training Manual) in preparation for his trip to France. Siegrist used the Anderson brothers’ hangboard training program to break through a three-year plateau that led to this send of Realization (learn more about their hangboard training program here: Mike and Mark Anderson on Hangboard Training).

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