Quick, Cheap and Easy Assisted Weight System for Hangboard Training

Having the ability to either add weight or take weight off when you’re hangboard training can be a huge help in advancing your training.

Wondering how to set up a system to be able to do that?

This video from climber Chris Simmons of youtube.com/theaverageclimber shows you how to build your own pulley system in a quick, easy, inexpensive way. It goes over the materials you need, how to assemble the system, and then how to use it in hangboard training. Chris has a ton of other useful videos on his youtube channel, so definitely check him out.

Give it a watch and learn how to build your own assisted weight system to take your hangboard training–and climbing strength–to the next level….

WATCH ABOVE or CLICK HERE: Quick, Cheap and Easy Assisted Weight System for Pull-Ups and Dead Hangs (link no longer available) 

For more information on hangboard training and workouts to do with a pulley system check out Mike and Mark Anderson’s article about it!

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