Now, I know what you’re thinking.  Typically nothing healthy comes out of a microwave, so how can we be posting an article about microwaves and nutrition?  However, while microwaves are often used to quickly heat up highly processed meals with little to no nutritional value, they do not need to be used in this way.  In fact, because of how efficient they are at quickly heating/cooking food, they are actually a great way to speed up the process of properly fueling your body.

To further explain why the microwave should no longer be vilified, here’s an article from Climbing Nutrition by Brian Rigby in which he explains the science behind how microwaves work and why they are not only completely safe, but also represent a quick and easy path to better fueling your climbing.

“Microwaves are absolutely safe—nutrition-wise, health-wise, food-wise. Microwaves are simply a more efficient way to heat food; they cannot destroy nutrients anymore than any other form of cooking. Whether you use your microwave to prepare TV dinners or steamed broccoli is up to you—either way, the nutritional content of your meal is 100% in your hands, not the machine.” – Brian Rigby

Microwaves Destroying Nutrients?

The main myth Rigby attacks is the idea that using a microwave destroys a food’s nutrients.  As Rigby describes, microwaves do not destroy or remove nutrients any more than any form of cooking does.  Additionally, they are not carcinogens and are a perfectly safe form of cooking.

Don’t just take our word for it though.  Rigby does a great job describing the science behind exactly how microwaves work as well as showing how it would be impossible for them to harm a food’s nutritional value.

Microwaves and Nutrition

Ultimately, Rigby’s main point is that we shouldn’t fear using the microwave as a quicker way to cook.  A microwave is only unhealthy when you use it to cook unhealthy food.  If we take advantage microwaves’ cooking efficiency, they can actually help remove the time/effort barrier from healthy eating.

Click through below for the full article.  While you are there, be sure to check out the rest of the Climbing Nutrition website.  It is full of very useful information about exactly how to use your diet to help improve climbing performance.

Full Article: Microwaves and Nutrition

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