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Mercedes Pollmeier on Movement and Technique Drills and Principles

Date: December 18th, 2019

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About Mercedes Pollmeier

Mercedes Pollmeier is a climbing coach/trainer known for her focus on intentional movement training. She used to be a trainer for TrainingBeta, and she was the head coach at the Seattle Bouldering Project until recently. She now does remote personal coaching and training through her website She’s an instructor at the Performance Climbing Coach (PCC) seminars that I teach at, and she recently created a program that will teach you a lot of the concepts we talk about in this interview, called “Midnight Lightning: Foundational Strength and Technique Program.” She’s offering a 10% discount to you using code MATB2020 at checkout.

I wanted to talk to Mercedes because I’ve gotten a lot of requests recently for interviews about movement and technique. I did an interview recently with Kris Hampton, and I thought I’d add to that with another amazing trainer in the community.

In this interview, we discuss what she teaches at the PCC events, her success with teaching spinal awareness & mobility to routesetters, why we lack mobility so much as climbers, and how often we should be doing mobility work to keep ourselves healthy.

We also go into detail about some technique drills she uses with her clients and how you can incoroporate them into your routine.

Mercedes Pollmeier Interview Details

  • What she teaches at PCC events
  • How she helped route setters with spinal awareness & mobility
  • How often we should do mobility work
  • Mobility drills
  • 5 technique drills she uses with her clients
  • Footwork, breathing, tension, flow, and balance work

Videos by Mercedes for this Interview

Mercedes was kind enough to include some videos to go along with this interview to help us see what she’s talking about – these things are hard to visualize from an audio conversation, so thanks Mercedes!

Over the Bench Lat Stretch


Precision Feet Vid #1


Jefferson Curl


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