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Kris Hampton – 6 Movement Drills to Improve Your Climbing

Date: November 22nd, 2019

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About Kris Hampton 

I’ve received a lot of requests for interviews about movement and technique drills, and for good reason! Movement and technique in climbing are as important as strength, power, and your mental game. So I got to thinking about who would be a good fit for this interview, and obviously Kris Hampton of Power Company Climbing came to mind. I get to hang out with Kris regularly when we teach together at the Performance Climbing Coach seminars, and since his teaching topics include movement and technique, I thought he’d be a perfect person to interview.

Kris is a climber and a climbing coach/trainer, as well as a business owner and podcast host. He runs Power Company Climbing, and has grown his website into a climbing training hub, where he offers written articles, training programs, personal training, the Power Company Podcast, seminars, and videos. We sort of grew up as businesses alongside each other, and for that reason–and many others–Kris and I have an interesting sibling-esque relationship that I really enjoy.

Kris has been climbing for a long time now, and he’s morphed from a Red River Gorge enduro-fiend to a much more powerful climber. He trained himself to be more powerful partly by using the drills we discuss in this interview. He now uses the drills regularly with his clients with great success, and even our trainer at TrainingBeta, Matt Pincus, uses some of them with his clients. So Kris has been a really great resource for a lot of people on the subject of movement and technique.

We realize that movement and technique are difficult things to talk about without seeing them in action, which is why I haven’t done more episodes on the topic. So after the interview, Kris kindly created a video to sum up what we covered.

Check out Kris’s Power Company YouTube channel for more videos, and his website for more training resources and his Power Company Podcast. He also has an ebook devoted to movement drills on his site.

He’s also given you 25% off his Movement Skills for Climbers eBook25% Off Code: trainingbeta

Kris Hampton Interview Details

  • Most common deficits in people’s technique
  • How to get comfortable on smeary feet
  • Is movement and technique training just for beginners?
  • The main tenets of movement practice
  • Drills for tension, rhythm, accuracy, pace, and weight
  • When and how often to do these drills

The 6 Drills We Talk About

These are the 6 drills you’ll hear Kris describe in the interview:

  1. Dead Stops
  2. 3-Second Hover Drill
  3. Sloth/Monkey Drill
  4. One-Touch Drill
  5. Pace Drill
  6. Heavy Feet Drill

Kris Hampton Links 

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Photo of Kris doing skills drills on his home wall by John Wesely @lightningsnaps 


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