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Date: October 26th, 2018

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About Dalton Bunker

Dalton Bunker is a 21-year-old climber from Salt Lake City who’s made a name for himself as a strong competition climber and an up-and-comer in outdoor climbing, as well. He got 7th place in Sport Nationals this year (2018) and in the same year, he had his best week of outdoor sport climbing ever, sending 3 5.14c’s in 1 week. He’s climbed up to 5.14d and V13, and he’s a sponsored climber as well as a climbing coach.

I wanted to ask Dalton about how he trains to be so strong, and how he keeps his head together in comps and outdoor climbing. We also talked in depth about his fairly recent change to veganism, which he says has helped his health and his climbing performance.

Dalton Bunker Interview Details

  • Tactics he uses to stay focused at competitions
  • What he learned through comp climbing
  • How he trained for his best week of sport climbing ever
  • Typical training week before sport nationals
  • His 6-week route training program
  • Why he’s vegan and how it’s benefited him

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Matt Pincus photo of Dalton on Atomic Stetson (5.13c) in Wild Iris, Wyoming


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