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I spent at least two weeks of my month-long trip getting to this move only to tear my skin. The move was getting really mental. I was afraid of it. Dreaded it. Would I ever stick it? Having still not stuck the move from the ground, I wasn’t sure if this route would ever go.”

“Until one day I stuck the pesky little nub from the ground.”

-Whitney Boland

In this article from, Whitney Boland shares her story of the day she sent True Love (5.13d) in the Red River Gorge. It is an inspirational story and a good reminder of why we climb and how climbing is about more than just sending.

Whitney says it well….

We all strive towards and treasure the days we send, but what’s interesting and also counter-intuitive is that climbing is mostly about the days we don’t send. It’s about all those shoe-throwing, ego-filled days leading up to that fleeting moment of success. Maybe that’s what makes it all worth it. You have to learn, over and over, to let all that stupid stuff go and remember to appreciate that you are getting to do what you truly love.”

Hopefully something in this story will help you find new motivation to keep trying hard if you’re needing it, or will be inspiring in some way to remember to appreciate the experiences we get out of climbing. Enjoy!

READ IT HERE: The Day I Sent True Love

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