Bill Ramsey recently sent Golden For a Moment (5.14b), a famous climb in the Cathedral, a large limestone cave near St. George, Utah. At age 54, this is his story about the send and what it took for him to get there from

Bill (author of our article, Treadwall Training) is known for his unique and intense training days. When he first tried Golden, he knew it would take careful training to be able to send this impressive route. So, he made a training plan….

3) I would need to wire (as much as possible) the crux boulder problem. All of this would take a lot of work, and I contrived a scheme that involved spending the next fall learning the climb, the winter bouldering to get my power up while also working simulations of the crux, then trying to climb it for real in the spring. I would need to concentrate my training on power endurance, flexibility, and recovering from horrible rests.”

Bill Ramsey proves that training with a purpose works.

Going through the process of discerning exactly what physiological, psychological, and skill transformations need to occur for success on a particular climb, and then contriving and implementing a strategy that will create those transformations—that process for me has always been one of the most fulfilling aspects of sport.”

Congratulations Bill Ramsey! Read his inspiring story and learn more about Bill and his thoughts on training by clicking below….

CLICK HERE: The Day I Sent Golden (5.14b)

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