Our friends at Beast Fingers Climbing are conducting research and need your help!  Essentially, Beast Fingers, makers of the Grippul, are studying strength-to-weight ratio in climbers and they need more participants.

When you compare training for climbing to training for other mainstream sports like swimming and cycling, we are way behind in terms of our understanding of exactly what it takes and how we should be going about trying to improve.  The reason for this is that there have been decades of scientific research done about exactly what is effective at improving performance in these sports.

Unfortunately, this kind of research can’t be done over night.  However, if we want our knowledge of what effects climbing performance and exactly how to go about training it to improve, we need to participate in and support the people taking the time to perform scientific studies.

Beast Fingers Study – #GrippulTheory

Here’s what the Beast Fingers Team had to say about the study and it’s goals.

We have a new project we would like your help on! Using the same methodology of finger strength with the Grippul, the new research project we’re working on is collecting the overall strength to weight ratios of climbers to see how a climbers strength balances throughout the body and it’s correlation to max grades climbed.

To help out and participate simply click through below and you can make an appointment at one of their testing centers.  If there isn’t a testing center near you and you still want to participate, you can also request that your local gym become one.

As we said above, scientific studies like this are really what is going to help take climbing training to the next level!

Participate: Beast Fingers Strength-to-Weight Ratio Study

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(photos courtesy of beastfingersclimbing.com)

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