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Shoulder Surgery 3 Month Update

I (Neely) recently wrote a post describing my shoulder surgery (SLAP tear and bone spur, no anchors to repair the labral tear - just tenodesis and bone spur removal under the achromium) and the first 4 weeks of my recovery. [...]

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The Climbing Doctor: Shoulder Injuries – The SLAP Tear

Climbing injury rates are on the rise. If you climb long enough, chances are you're going to deal with an injury at some point. However, this doesn't mean we should just be sitting back waiting for injuries to happen. Most [...]

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How Shoulder Mobility Affects Your Climbing

Shoulders, shoulders, shoulders... More and more climbers are dealing with chronic shoulder pain.  This isn't something we should be looking to simply grit our teeth and climb through.  That's a quick way to end up on the couch recovering from [...]

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TBP 066 :: Physical Therapist Esther Smith Talks About Shoulders

Date: November 2nd, 2016 About Esther Smith Esther Smith is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, and the owner of Grassroots Physical Therapy in Salt Lake City. She is a [...]

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The Climbing Doctor Shoulder Exercises

In climbing, shoulder injuries are far to common.  Additionally, because of the nature of climbing movement and the anatomy of the shoulder, shoulder injuries are something that affect climbers of all ability levels.  Because of these realities, climbers of all [...]

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