5 Things About Climbing I Wish I Knew 5 Years Ago

We’ve all had that moment in climbing where something finally clicks, either physically or mentally. For most of us, that moment came later in our climbing career – followed by that temporary moment of regret: ‘If only I’d known this when I first started climbing!’” -Cate

Have you had that moment?

Here is an article from CruxCrush.com by Sarah Williams describing 5 things about climbing worth knowing. This should be particularly helpful for newbies and for the more experienced climbers, these tips are good reminders/still might provide some new advice for ya.

The five lessons shared in this article:

1. Try Harder Stuff.

2. The 7 Try Rule.

3. Focus on the Movement.

4. Ask for Help.

5. Nobody is Watching You.

In this article each lesson is expanded upon and described really well.  Sarah gives great examples of when each lesson applies and how you can use them either at the gym or when you’re climbing outside.

Read the article in full to learn these lessons and start applying them today!

READ IT HERE: 5 Things About Climbing I Wish I Knew 5 Years Ago

(photo courtesy of cruxcrush.com)

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