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TBP 145 :: Mark Campbell on Using the TRX for Climbing Training

Date: March 12th, 2020

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About Mark Campbell

Mark Campbell is the owner and founder of CoreStrong Fitness in Kansas City, Missouri. He’s also a climber and he teaches TRX classes at his local climbing gym. Mark began climbing not too long ago and quickly worked his way up the grades to climb V8 in a matter of four months. When he told me that, I knew I needed to have him on the show.

I met Mark at a Performance Climbing Coach event in Murfreesboro, TN and quickly started talking about how the TRX could be so instrumental for climbers. I’ve definitely seen my own climbing improve due to the TRX over the past few years, but it was intimidating for me to get into it. I’d always seen the TRX hanging in the gym and I was like, “What are those straps for? How do I even get my feet into those things?”

In this interview, Mark makes the TRX much more approachable by providing a detailed workout and specific exercises you can do on it. He also explains WHY you’d do those things and why it’s so important for us as climbers (or any athlete) to have a strong core. He made some videos for us all to make all the info easier to understand.

Beginner TRX Workout for Climbers


Advanced TRX Workout for Climbers

Mark Campbell Interview Details

  • How he went from V0 to V8 in a matter of months
  • How TRX has helped his climbing
  • TRX 101
  • Why the TRX helps train core and why that’s important to climbers
  • Why TRX is more efficient than floor exercises
  • Why TRX helpw with injury prevention
  • Detailed strength session on TRX for climbers
  • Strength training for heel hooking on TRX

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