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Date: February 5th, 2020

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About Dr. Chris Heilman

Dr. Christina Heilman is a Sport Psychologist, as well as a personal trainer (CSCS and ATC) who earned her PhD in Sport and Exercise Psychology from the University of Utah. She is an avid skier, but loves a lot of sports, including all aspects of rock climbing.

Dr. Chris recently joined the TrainingBeta team as our in-house Sport Psychologist, focusing on mindset in climbing. She sees clients from all over the world via video chat to help them go beyond their limitations to achieve peak levels of physical, mental and lifestyle performance. Check out her services if you’re interested in improving your own mindset.

I worked with Chris last year on a personal basis to help with low confidence and staying grounded and in the moment while climbing. We did 4 sessions together and I saw a huge decrease in negative emotions while climbing, which helped me send more hard (for me) routes than I have in years.

In this interview, we discuss how Chris works with people and what kinds of issues she commonly helps people with. Then Chris and I do another session together, catch up on where I’m at right now with my climbing, and what I need to work on moving forward. I get a bit vulnerable in this session, but hopefully you’ll be able to relate with some of the things I struggle with as a climber. Moreover, I really hope that the insight Chris gave me will help you in some way, too.

Chris works with athletes of all kinds, one-on-one and in group/team settings. She’s also wrote a textbook on sport psychology called Elevate Your Excellence: The Mindset and Methods that Make Champions.

I’ve interviewed her a couple times on the podcast, and you can listen to those here:

Dr. Chris Heilman Interview Details

I talked with Chris about how she works with people, what kinds of issues she sees often, and the results that people see. Most of the session was a journey into the inner workings of my mind…

What We Talked About

  • How she works with people
  • What kinds of people she works with
  • Common issues she sees people for
  • Results people see from working with her
  • Session with Neely
  • Setting intentions before climbing sessions
  • How to tell if I’m trying hard
  • Having expectations vs being curious
  • AAA Approach
  • Dealing with envy in climbing
  • Rediscovering reasons why I love climbing

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