Project Description

For the Campus Board Ladder Drill, start with both hands on one rung on the campus board. With no feet on, make your way all the way up the campus board, rung by rung, alternating hands without matching. Match on the top rung, then make your way back down the same way. Make sure you start going down from the top rung with the opposite hand you approached it from.

For example, if you started on rung 1, you’d go

  • Both hands rung 1
  • Left hand rung 2
  • Right hand rung 3
  • Left hand rung 4
  • Match on rung 4 (if it was the top)
  • Right hand rung 3
  • Left hand rung 2
  • Right hand rung 1

Do not crimp hard or use your thumbs. Use an open-handed crimp grip and let your thumbs just be bent, not grabbing or pinching the rung.

Make this easier by using larger rungs and/or keeping your feet on. Also by matching on each hold.

Make this harder by using smaller rungs.

The Campus Board Ladder Drill is used in our rock climbing training programs available on this page.

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