Beginner Finger Training Program


This program is for climbers at the V3-V5 or 5.11a-5.11c level. While you may not necessarily be a beginner climber, you may be a beginner at training for climbing. This 5-week program provides you with 2 unique finger workouts every week. It will make your fingers stronger, which will make you an overall stronger climber. These are hangboard workouts only with no additional drills or exercises. Each workout is between 60 and 90 minutes long, including the warm-up.

The program comes with a logbook that you can print out and fill out while you’re doing your workouts to track your progress. It also includes a set of intense core workouts that you can add to any of your finger workouts.

Recommended Equipment

  • Hangboard (preferably Beastmaker or Rock Prodigy)
  • Pulley system to take weight
finger training climbing

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