Training for Action Directe Part III

Over the past year we have been following Luzan Matyas' quest to train for and climb the world famous route Action Directe 5.14d/9a.  So far we have posted videos of Luzan training individual sections of the route on replicas and [...]

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Adam Ondra Working Move 9B/+

Here's an old video of Adam Ondra working what became his route Move 9B/+ in Flatanger, Norway.  While watching Adam climb this amount of insanely difficult overhanging granite is impressive enough in it's own right, that's not the only reason we [...]

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Shauna Coxsey and Alex Megos Training Video

Shauna Coxsey and Alex Megos are two of the world's elite climbers.  They have both spent countless hours in the gym training to perfect their craft.  However, both athletes are still as hungry as ever to continue training hard in [...]

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Alex Johnson – Systems Training

Alex Johnson is no stranger to hard climbing.  However, just like the rest of us she has to work hard and train hard.  This year she is working towards her goals of sending The Swarm V14 in Bishop and a [...]

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Shoulder Warm Up with Ann Raber

How to you warm up?  Do you simply walk up to the crag and start climbing on easy routes and boulder problems?  While this type of warming up will eventually get the job done, it does neglect parts of your [...]

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Shoulder Workout: Bouldering Training Program

Do you have nagging shoulder tweaks or feel week on gastons and shouldery moves? We do too.  So to help, here is a free shoulder workout taken from The Bouldering Strength and Power Training Program by Kris Peters.  This shoulder [...]

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Neil Gresham Training for Freakshow

To get you psyched for the weekend, here is a video of British strongman Neil Gresham training for and eventually sending his new hard route Freakshow 8c/5.14c at the UK's Kilnsey crag.  According to Neil, Freakshow is a long endurance [...]

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Strength or Power? Improving Your Climbing with Plyometrics

Sometimes climbing training can do a great job of building your strength, but may leave out the power portion. They aren't quite the same thing (power=strength x speed), and training for power is a pretty important part of climbing training!  Plyometrics can [...]

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