Top 5 Route Climbing Articles

Route climbing has its own unique set of techniques, strategies, and training considerations. At times, route climbing can often feel casual. Afterall, a day at the crag doing routes well within your ability is simple enough and downright fun. However, [...]

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Top 5 Bouldering Articles

Bouldering: it sounds so simple. Grab your shoes, some chalk, and a crashpad and you're good to go. Sure, you can have a fun and enjoyable bouldering session with just those three things. However, things get much more complicated when [...]

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Top 5 Projecting Articles

Whether you're a sport climber, a boulder, or a trad climber, climbing your hardest is going to require projecting. Although projecting looks a little different on routes and boulders, the most important thing to remember is that it's both a [...]

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Top 5 Fear of Falling Articles

The fear of falling is probably the single thing that holds more climbers back than anything else - more than finger strength and more than poor technique. When people first start climbing, their fear of falling can be overwhelming. This [...]

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Top 5 TrainingBeta Blog Posts of 2017

Well, 2017 is almost in the books. We hope your year has been full of lots of time climbing with good friends and, of course, lots of sending! To wrap up 2017, here are the top 5 TrainingBeta Blog Post [...]

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Top 5 Strength Training Articles

Strength is the basis of hard rock climbing.  If you aren't strong enough for a climb, no amount of endurance is going to get you to the chains. Now, when it comes to rock climbing, we all know that finger [...]

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Top 5 Injury Prevention Articles

Rock climbing and training for climbing is hard on our bodies.  An unfortunate fact is that if you do it long enough chances are you are going to get injured.  However, another fact is that through effective injury prevention work [...]

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Top 5 Endurance Training Articles

Climbing long routes requires endurance.  When most climbers hear endurance training, all they think of is cranking out lap after lap on routes in the gym until their forearms give out. However, this kind of endurance training is not only [...]

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