Concept Climbing: Max Weight Hang Survey

If you look at most mainstream sports, they've had a huge amount of sports science research done in the name of quantifying and improving performance.  Having data like this is extremely helpful in that it can help inform training by [...]

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Beast Fingers Strength-to-Weight Ratio Study

Our friends at Beast Fingers Climbing are conducting research and need your help!  Essentially, Beast Fingers, makers of the Grippul, are studying strength-to-weight ratio in climbers and they need more participants. When you compare training for climbing to training for [...]

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Top Ten Pages on TrainingBeta

Here at TrainingBeta, we love searching for and sharing all of the articles and training information we post about on the blog with you.  Gathering useful training information together in one place was one of the main goals for TrainingBeta when we [...]

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Survey: Climbing and Income

Our friends over at Crux Crush are doing a survey about climbing and income and are looking to learn more about the accessibility of climbing and to what extent income proves to be a barrier to entry.  Here's what they [...]

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Marijuana and Climbing

Here at Training Beta, we recently conducted a survey about marijuana and climbing.  We were specifically interested in the climbing community's thoughts about marijuana's effects on climbing performance and about the presence of marijuana at climbing areas in general.  Dave [...]

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