Climbing Injuries Solved- Book Kickstarter

Dr. Lisa Erikson is a sports chiropractor specializing in overuse injuries of athletes, including climbers. She has written an incredible book, Climbing Injuries Solved that can help you learn to heal yourself. She currently has a Kickstarter going to help fund [...]

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Tom Lindner’s Climbing Training Tripod Beta

If you've spent time living on the road, you know sometimes it feels hard to keep progressing in climbing while you're traveling. Or maybe motivating to hangboard is hard for you because your hangboard is in your garage or basement and [...]

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Route Climbing Training Program Now Available!

We decided to create TrainingBeta a couple years ago because the training programs in books, online, in blog posts, and in pdfs were not cutting it for me. I don't mean any disrespect to the other trainers out there; don't [...]

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bäm! Board Adjustable Hangboard

Ben Spannuth, super strong climber and good friend, had an idea for a wooden hang board that you can customize based on ability. With the help of a few friends, he made this idea a reality! The brainchild of Ben, [...]

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The Bouldering Strength and Power Program Is Available!!

We've been talking about this Bouldering program and working on it for over 6 months now, and we're proud and ecstatic to announce today that The Bouldering Strength and Power Program is available for you!! Here's what we're so excited [...]

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The Proving Ground Hold Reviews- Escape Nemesis

Looking for some new climbing holds to use on your homewall, or, routesetters, in your nearest climbing gym? The Proving Ground, (, is a cool website that does reviews on various climbing holds. They give feedback on the types of holds, [...]

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The New School Room with Ben Moon- BMC TV

"Train Hard. Climb Harder." -Ben Moon quote posted on the wall of "The New School Room". In this video from BMC TV, British training master Ben Moon introduces his new top-end training facility in the Sheffield area, "The New School Room". Ben [...]

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Hangboard Training Timing

(photo courtesy of If you've ever been training on the hangboard and wished you had a better system for timing yourself than a simple stopwatch, this could be the solution for you. Josh Janes wrote this great forum post [...]

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