Beast Fingers Strength-to-Weight Ratio Study

Our friends at Beast Fingers Climbing are conducting research and need your help!  Essentially, Beast Fingers, makers of the Grippul, are studying strength-to-weight ratio in climbers and they need more participants. When you compare training for climbing to training for [...]

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Midwest Training for Climbing Conference

Training for climbing is exploding in popularity.  As a result, there's more information available about how to improve your climbing than ever before.  Unfortunately, knowing individual training techniques doesn't mean you have the full picture.  This is especially true when it [...]

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Esther Smith: New Grassroots Self Treatment Videos

If you follow the TrainingBeta Podcast, then you are no doubt familiar with physical therapist Esther Smith.  She is an incredibility talented physical therapist who works primarily with climbers and is a 5.13 climber herself.  Obviously, for climbers, with our [...]

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Evening Sends: Climbing Mobility with Kelly Starrett

With all the talk in the training community about injury prevention, it can seem like overuse injuries are the inevitable outcome of hard climbing and training.  However, this attitude is missing the most important part of injury prevention and that's [...]

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LIFT Protein Muffins Review

When it comes to fueling your climbing, real, unprocessed food is always the best.  However, preparing good-tasting, nutritious food for yourself can be time consuming and difficult, especially when you are traveling.  It's in times like these that even some [...]

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Maxi-Pull: How to Build Your Own

If you listened to the TrainingBeta Podcast with Margarita Martinez, she talked about her favorite training tool: the Maxi-Pull.  Essentially, the Maxi-Pull is a sloper hangboard that, because it is comfortable and relatively friendly in terms of your skin, can [...]

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