Gnarly Nutrition: Why Climbers Should be Using BCAAs

Take a look at the general fitness world.  The athletes participating in these activities (whether they are crossfit, weightlifting, or endurance sports) all use dietary supplements to help increase their performance and speed up their recovery process.  Climbers, on the [...]

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Maxi-Pull: How to Build Your Own

If you listened to the TrainingBeta Podcast with Margarita Martinez, she talked about her favorite training tool: the Maxi-Pull.  Essentially, the Maxi-Pull is a sloper hangboard that, because it is comfortable and relatively friendly in terms of your skin, can [...]

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Climbing Meta – Training Tracker

One of the most important parts of training is effectively tracking your progress.  Doing so ensures that you are able to progressively increase the difficulty of your training as you improve.  Progressively increasing the intensity of your training guarantees you are [...]

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Mountain Project: The 7 Best Recovery Tools for Climbers

With all of the increased emphasis on training for climbing, it's easy to forget that training isn't when we get stronger.  We actually get stronger when we recover from the abuse of training and climbing.  As a result, climbers looking [...]

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New Finger Training Programs!

One thing we've been missing from our arsenal of training tools has been a clear, concise training program for JUST training finger strength. While our other programs have finger training in them, we needed something that was more focused. If [...]

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Trango Vergo Belay Device Review

UPDATE: Voluntary Recall Notice Vergo Belay Device: Batch Numbers 16159 and 16195 April 14, 2017—Trango has elected to voluntarily recall all Trango Vergo belay devices in batch numbers 16159 and 16195 that were sold after 1 October 2016. Please IMMEDIATELY [...]

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4 Yoga Poses to Prevent Shoulder Injuries for Climbers

About a month ago, we posted about the new Yoga for Climbers online course being offered by professional climber and yogi Heidi Wirtz and Climbing Magazine.  The idea of the course is to make yoga more accessible to climbers while providing instruction [...]

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Muscle Cramp Prevention

Anyone who has ever suffered from a muscle cramp knows how debilitating they can be.  Because of this muscle cramps have the ability to sabotage your performance and undermine months of training and hard work.  While muscle cramps can effect [...]

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