Rock Rehab Pyramid Videos

Climbing and training places a ton of repetitive strain on our bodies.  Far too many climbers are continually suffering from injuries that make climbing painful, affect performance, and in the worst cases prevent them from climbing all together.  It's with [...]

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Online Personal Climbing Training with Matt Pincus

We are excited to announce that we are now offering online personal climbing coaching with Matt Pincus! Matt has been a part of TrainingBeta for the past three years as our Content Manager and Social Media Manager, and he's excited to [...]

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V-Points – A Climbing Tracking App

One of the fundamental principles of training is that it needs to be measurable.  Measuring your training lets you can gradually increase the load to ensure you are continually overloading your system. However, with climbing, getting accurate measurements can be [...]

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DryPointe Shoe Insert Review

Let's face it. Nobody likes the feeling of strapping on a pair of still-wet-from-yesterday climbing shoes. It's just gross and the ensuing odor can make it rather unpleasant for your climbing partners as well. As it turns out, letting your climbing [...]

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Black Diamond Rope Review

While any climbing rope from a major manufacturer will keep you safe, not all ropes are equally pleasant to use.  Anyone who has ever dealt with a rope that is prone to twisting, getting stuck, or just doesn't handle well [...]

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More for Less: Blood Flow Restriction Training

Blood flow restriction training, ever heard of it?  We hadn't either until Tyler Nelson, friend of TrainingBeta and owner of Camp4 Human Performance, told us about it.  It turns out, blood flow restriction training isn't a new technique, but it [...]

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Transcript Highlight: Justin Brown on If You Should Keep Your Skin Dry

An unfortunate reality of climbing is that it can beat up our skin.  We've all been there hoping our skin will get less greasy, willing our skin to grow faster, or praying a split will heal over night all so [...]

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Send SLIM Knee Pad Review

Send Climbing knee pads?!?!?!??!?!? I know what you're thinking: It's summer and not even the greatest knee pad ever designed could get me up my projects in the inferno that is currently Hueco Tanks. The Send SLIM pad [...]

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