Chris Weidner on Mental Toughness

Most of the articles we post on this blog are about how we can train our physical abilities to improve our climbing performance.  While this is certainly a big part of improving at climbing, it is really only one side [...]

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Steve Bechtel – Back to Basics

With 2017 fast approaching, it's time to talk about New Year's resolutions.  If you've made it to TrainingBeta then chances are improving at climbing is one of your priorities and you are probably thinking about kick starting 2017 with a [...]

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Energy System Training

When you go to train are you dissatisfied until you leave the gym completely pumped and totally wrecked?  While it is definitely fun to push ourselves really hard when climbing, going to the point of exhaustion and then past it [...]

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Lattice Training Interview with Will Bosi

If you follow the climbing media, it seems like a new teenage crusher is always popping up.  It can be easy to get lost in who is now the youngest to climb whatever grade, and it can be tempting to [...]

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Climbing Confidence with Crux Crush

All the finger strength and pulling power in the world won't get you up routes at your limit if you can't climb confidently and are consistently sabotaging your own performance.  That being said, building climbing confidence is something that can [...]

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The Secret to Sam Elias’s Sending Spree

On Monday, I published my podcast interview with Sam Elias. Today I want to tell you how you can train like Sam did in order to go on a sending spree - just like he did. During the Black Diamond Training [...]

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6 Enemies of Concentration

Last week we posted an article by climbing trainer Eric Hörst about ways you can improve your mental game while climbing.  In it, Hörst outlined his five strategies for improving your concentration when climbing and in life in general. Well, [...]

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Planning a Year’s Climbing

A systematic approach to training that produces periods of peak performance is best way to reach your ultimate potential and climb your hardest routes or boulders.  However, when planning out a year's worth of climbing there are a series of [...]

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