Climbing Magazine – Translating Training to Outdoor Performance

Training is hard work.  If you are going to put in the blood, sweat, and tears, you want to make sure it translates to improved climbing performance outside.  After all, achieving a personal best on the hangboard is cool, but [...]

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Lattice Training: Height in Climbing

"It's easy for you because you're tall." Spend time at any crag, bouldering area, or gym and you've probably heard this said.  While it's true that sometimes being tall can help, there are also times where it seems like being [...]

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Mark Anderson – Extending a Performance Peak

Whether you are training for the fall or out there trying to send during the summer season, it's important to remember that we can't stay in a performance peak year round.  The reality is that as we move out of [...]

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Climb Strong: Don’t Try to Get Tired…

Summer is fully underway.  While we hope you are getting outside and climbing as much as possible, fall is just around the corner and it's time to start thinking about training for it if you want to be ready for [...]

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Eric Hörst: Managing the Fear of Falling

When you first start climbing, the fear of falling can be overwhelming.  For many climbers, it is likely one of the main factors holding back your climbing performance.  However, being scared of falling is perfectly normal and something most climbers go [...]

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Eric Hörst: Reducing Risk of Growth Plate Fractures in Youth Climbers

As rock climbing continues to grow in popularity, one of the best features of this growth is increased opportunities for youth climbers.  Climbing is an amazing sport for developing both physical and mental skills that have positive effects on youth's [...]

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Will Anglin – RULES

Rule #1: When Will Anglin lays down knowledge, listen! Today, we have an article from Will Anglin of Tension Climbing in which he lays out 7 rules of training.  However, these rules aren't about what exercises to do or anything [...]

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